I am really excited about this amazing bundle sale, and I’m very proud to be involved as both the lead ambassador and as an industry contributor. I wouldn’t dare put my name on something I didn’t believe in… I hope I’ve earned your trust with stuff like this. I hope you head over to 5DayDeal to take a look – it’s a remarkable offer for photographers at any level. Take a look!

The Complete Photography Business Bundle is a massive collection of eBooks, worksheets, templates, and video tutorials for photographers of all levels. Whether you’re an emerging or seasoned photographer, this library of resources will fill you with ideas and tools to help you make money doing what you love.

I’m proud to be involved, not only as an ambassador but also as a contributor. With contributors such as Trey Ratcliff, David duChemin (Craft & Vision), Rachel Brenke (TheLawTog), Bryan Caporicci (Sprouting Photographer), Dan Carr (Shuttermuse), Sarah Petty (Joy of Marketing), Joel Grimes, and Jasmine Star, I’m in good company. You’re gonna wanna check it out.

I’m proud to announce that our Business Action Planner is included in the bundle. The BAP normally sells for USD $50, but when you buy The Complete Photography Business Bundle over at 5DayDeal.com, you not only get the BAP, but you also get dozens of other products at a fraction of the price.

If you already own the BAP it’s all good! The Complete Photography Business Bundle is still a total bargain even if you already have it – at $1,900 in retail value you’re in great shape. I guarantee you’ll find a ton of excellent resources in this bundle.

My mission is to always show my gratitude to those who have purchased the BAP from me (or C&V) in the past – I hope the opportunities (and upcoming freebies) we’ve got going on during Photography Business Week help you to feel really good about this whole thing.

In case you missed this little factoid, the bundle event is a real flash sale. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime offer that expires Mar.1.



Can you list ten (10) words that describe what your business does?

Sometimes all you need is a short and sweet list. Making a list of the keywords that describe your creative talent and your big ideas can be a great launching pad to drafting the kind of sentences and phrases you need to help demystify your freelance business.


Creative people can tend to be disorganised, which, although not incompatible with creative work, isn’t very helpful when you’re trying to remember where the heck you put that great idea you had while at brunch yesterday (jotted down on a napkin that you stuffed into your pants pocket and then ran through the washing machine). If you’re like me, you might have tried several different strategies for idea capturing and struggled to keep things consistently neat and categorised.

I’ve often advocated for keeping one notebook for everything, rather than trying to keep separate notebooks for each focus. With the fusion of Evernote and Moleskine, you can do just that: work projects, business notes, sundry flashes of inspiration; all automatically categorised with just a few touches; all text searchable (with, perhaps, the exception of the infamous doctors’ hand).

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I would go as far to say that I would not be a photographer today if it wasn’t for the incredible reach that Facebook has allowed me. And over the course of the years, it allowed me to spread my wings beyond a tiny local market to a truly worldwide audience.

Dave Brosha is a creative photographer, artist, writer, educator, and recorder of Northern lands and their people, based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Canada). His work has been published in countless media outlets around the globe—online and in print, —including CNN, Canadian Geographic, The Daily Telegraph, National Geographic, Outdoor Photography Canada, the National Post, Reader’s Digest, the Toronto Star, Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, Up Here, The Today Show, CBC, the Vancouver Sun, Above & Beyond, and CTV. Dave’s work defies genres and his passion is limitless. View his work at davebrosha.com.


The “Ask Out”. Whether it be for beer, lunch or coffee the most important business practice for me has been the relationships I’ve built with clients, potential clients, collaborators and other industry insiders. The large majority of those have started with a simple meeting request.

Dave Delnea is a commercial photographer who specializes brand and lifestyle advertising. His clients include global brands like Nike, Sony, Ritz Carlton, and Trump Development. He is represented by Westside Studio (Toronto). His work can be seen at davedelnea.com.