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I would trust the idea of word of mouth, which is essentially what fuels social media, and put less money in clever marketing which, I think, served my ego a little more than my bottom line. My marketing now is almost entirely based on relationships and connections—it is more about story than about positioning statements and branding.

David duChemin is a world and humanitarian assignment photographer, best-selling author, international workshop leader, and accidental founder of Craft & Vision. His eBook How To Feed A Starving Artist is a must-read for creative people who want to get a handle on their finances so they can continue to do what they love with greater freedom. When not chasing adventure and looking for beauty, David is based in Vancouver, Canada. His work can be seen online at DavidduChemin.com.


The most effective marketing has always been person-to-person portfolio reviews. I regularly update and redo my portfolio, which is a physical, printed book that I bring to art directors so I can have a chance to meet them in person. It’s one thing to send an email back and forth, it’s another entirely to sit down with them and have a personal conversation.


Adam Blasberg is a commercial and editorial photographer based out of Vancouver, Canada. Adam battles against an age of hyper mass production, where images are manufactured like a commodity, by approaching his photography with care and thoughtfulness. His cinematic, dramatic and thoughtful style requires commitment to a process and a standard not upheld by most. His desire to tell a memorable story—a story that engages the viewer and pulls them into the story—is the driving force behind his pursuit of excellent craftsmanship. View his work at adamblasberg.com.


Fostering the relationships I have with my current clients is the most effective marketing tool available to me. I have spent thousands of dollars on advertising and nothing is as powerful as a word-of-mouth referral. I also send regular emails to what I call my core group of clients—those who have been working with me for many years.

Sherri Koop is an award-winning film photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Sherri creates classic, luminous portraits that are rooted both technically and artistically, the direct result of the relationships developed in front of her lens. In addition to portraiture, Sherri accepts a limited number of wedding commissions each year, anywhere in the world. Learn more at sherrikoop.com.


Like a lot of photographers out there, I’ve used a lot of social media platforms for promotion. Unfortunately we’ve got no control over those services and they could disappear at any time. I really think email marketing is making a comeback as more and more people start to realize this. Last year I set out to begin building my list and putting out regular updates. It’s far easier than I imagined and I wish I’d been doing it since day one.

Dan Carr was born in the UK and after high school he took a year out in Whistler, British Columbia—that adventure planted a seed. While his passion for mountain life took a backseat as he finished a degree in Aerospace Engineering in England, it wasn’t long before he returned to the mountains to start his photography business. Dan’s work has since been featured in over 60 publications worldwide and his commercial clients include major brands such as Nike, Oakley, and Red Bull. Dan also has a passion for photography education and through his company Shutter Muse, has provided content for photography publications worldwide, as well as industry leaders like Canon. View his work at dancarrphotography.com.


Be pleasant and easy to work with, listen carefully your clients, be available to their timeline, provide solutions to their needs, and exceed their expectations.

Michael Elkan is an architecturally trained photographer who has been commissioned internationally by architectural and engineering firms, corporations, advertising agencies and publications for his unique ability to see a space with an architect’s eye and translate that into compelling photographs. Michael is currently based out of Vancouver, Canada where he is the principal director of his multi-disciplinary practice Michael Elkan Design Inc., an award-winning firm that combines architecture and photography. His commercial assignments have taken him around the world, and his photographs have been published in publications including Wallpaper, Lumen and many others. His fine art photography is represented in the UK by the Belgravia Gallery in London and in Canada by the Bellevue Gallery in West Vancouver. View his work at michael-elkan.com.


I would go as far to say that I would not be a photographer today if it wasn’t for the incredible reach that Facebook has allowed me. And over the course of the years, it allowed me to spread my wings beyond a tiny local market to a truly worldwide audience.

Dave Brosha is a creative photographer, artist, writer, educator, and recorder of Northern lands and their people, based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (Canada). His work has been published in countless media outlets around the globe—online and in print, —including CNN, Canadian Geographic, The Daily Telegraph, National Geographic, Outdoor Photography Canada, the National Post, Reader’s Digest, the Toronto Star, Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, Up Here, The Today Show, CBC, the Vancouver Sun, Above & Beyond, and CTV. Dave’s work defies genres and his passion is limitless. View his work at davebrosha.com.


The “Ask Out”. Whether it be for beer, lunch or coffee the most important business practice for me has been the relationships I’ve built with clients, potential clients, collaborators and other industry insiders. The large majority of those have started with a simple meeting request.

Dave Delnea is a commercial photographer who specializes brand and lifestyle advertising. His clients include global brands like Nike, Sony, Ritz Carlton, and Trump Development. He is represented by Westside Studio (Toronto). His work can be seen at davedelnea.com.