March 26, 2015 Sarah-Wynne Taylor

Contractually Speaking

This one should be a no-brainer: if you are providing a service, you need a contract. Even if you are working for free, donating your time or especially, working for a friend. If you are a small business owner, you might be using a standard contract that’s chock-full of legalese, crossing your fingers and hoping that nothing goes wrong, or you may not be using contracts at all. The truth is, contracts don’t have to be big and scary. They’re a preventative measure to ensure clarity, transparency and accountability, and to stave off misunderstandings and blow-outs. Getting everything in writing, plain and simple, keeps projects from mutating into unpredictable monsters and can save working relationships and friendships from turning sour.

You can find free contracts online, sure, but they tend to be, at best, extremely dry and difficult to understand— and at worst, irrelevant or inadequate. If you don’t know why something is in your contract, you had better not offer it to a client. The super-duper Contract Killer is a fantastic place to understand the parts of a contract and get started writing your own.

To simplify things even further, we emphatically recommend the excellent cloud-based Contractually. The good folks (from Vancouver, BC!) responsible for this resource wanted a start-to-finish simplicity with full integration, and that’s what they created. You can import your contract or start afresh, fully customise it to your needs, then have the finished thing viewed, signed and stored, all in Contractually.


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