December 22, 2014 Sarah-Wynne Taylor


It must be something in the air this season, because we’re stoked to announce a draw for a shiny new Evernote Moleskine notebook. This beautiful craft features 240 pages of squared paper for special use with the Evernote Page Camera, a ribbon bookmark, elastic closure and an accordion pocket stuffed with Evernote Smart Stickers for tagging and organising your sketches and notes. As a compelling bonus, the notebook comes with three free months of Evernote Premium to help you make the most of this unique tool.

To enter, comment and tell us about your notebook addiction and why you’d love a Moleskine, or nominate someone that you know would love to win the prize!

EDIT: The draw will conclude at 12:00PM (UTC-8) on Boxing Day, December 26 2014. We’ll close comments and announce the winner then!  The draw is officially closed and the lucky winner is Ivan! Thanks for entering. 

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  1. Ivan

    Moleskine is a great notebook! Mine was a simple, small, hard cover notebook. But it had something unique: personalization. Yes, i liked very much the Pac-Man stickers, the fact that i was able to put my little pieces of paper in the nice “last page something”, as I called it, something similar to a little envelope.
    Believe it or not, ita made the difference: i love to write on whatever I get when I have to so they had a great idea! And the stickers… ok, I’m a man but Pac-Man was one of my first arcades. I still remember using the stickers as “Really Important Thing to do” markers.
    In my opinion, I bacame addicted to my little notebook. It’s still somewhere in my drawers.

  2. gone threw a few notebooks, but not a true Moleskine, and love that I can reference back but have not established a good system for my notes. I love evernote and this would definitely help with organizing. I would have to thank my brother for getting me hooked on keeping notes like this. He could use one too.

  3. I do not have a notebook addiction, but perhaps that’s because I haven’t found the right notebook to be addicted to. Maybe an Evernote Moleskine would be my crack….

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