April 27, 2015 Sarah-Wynne Taylor

Monkey Mail Makes Me Happy

A great mailing list is where the gold is. At first, you might feel this sounds counter-intuitive; isn’t social media all the rage? Sure, but all that hype doesn’t necessarily go anywhere. Social media likes are transient and noncommittal, while opting into a mailing list is a conscious YES. When you meet that YES with quality content and a genuine desire to serve your clients and subscribers, it will over time convert to fierce loyalty and lifelong customers.

I’m just gonna take a moment to geek out about our favourite tool for the job. MailChimp offers enormous flexibility and fine-tuned control to serve your audience with timely, tailored email. (Disclaimer: yes, we are using a referral url.)

I’m a bit of a design geek: simple, clean and understandable user interfaces warm my heart and the good folks at MailChimp do a bang-up job making their site easy to get around. They’ve also got one of the best graphical, drag-and-drop design tools out there. The possibilities for crafting your campaign truly are limitless, and any campaign can be saved as a template for later use. As a bonus, all of their templates are mobile-ready, a finishing touch that makes you look about a hundred times cooler.

You can sign up subscribers through your website or manually. You can even collect signups offline and in person, using Chimpadeedoo (one of several great in-house mobile apps). As you learn more about your subscribers, add information to their MailChimp profiles for later reference. When you send a campaign, MailChimp tracks its success and provides you with data that you can use to understand your readers, as well as allows you to see which customers are engaging with what content, so you know what’s meeting their needs and what isn’t.

Their engineers have put together an awesome set of apps for email design, offline signups, added security, texting your subscribers, staying up to date on the road and more. Also offered is seamless integration with a bazillion fantastic apps and services that I couldn’t possibly describe here.

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