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$ 300.00

Reading books and attending workshops is great, but you want more. You want help specific to your business. Book a 60-minute session with consultant and business manager Corwin Hiebert and get the insights, ideas, and strategic focus you need to grow your creative venture.

Get expert industry advice tailored to you and your business.

As the founder of Taendem Agency Inc., and creator of the Business Action Planner Toolkit, Corwin is a specialist in helping freelancers develop strategies for success. He works with talent such as world-renowned photographer, publisher, and best-selling author David duChemin, and he is the author of Living the Dream: Putting Your Creativity to Work [and Getting Paid] (Peachpit Press, 2013). Photographers, designers, videographers, and artists alike rely on Corwin for his business acumen and straight-shooting advice—having a trusted advisor in your corner can make being an emerging entrepreneur a lot less scary.

Be a freelancer, not a lone ranger.

This is not a mentoring program or a coaching arrangement; an hour with Corwin will be hard-hitting and industry-focused, with insight tailored to your specific needs.

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Product Description

If you want to make a living doing what you love, it’s time to take this business stuff seriously… let Corwin’s experience and expertise guide you towards success.

This is your chance to get sound advice without the high cost of ongoing consulting fees.

Upon purchasing this package, you will be provided with a scheduling request, meeting instructions, and a short questionnaire (an MS Word file with submission details) to ensure that Corwin has a snapshot of your creative work and your business aspirations prior to the consulting session.

During the 60-minute Skype call, you can ask questions on any business topic you like: strategic planning, management and workflow, contracts, sales tactics and tools, prospecting, offerings, pricing, marketing, portfolio development, branding, networking, you name it; every topic is fair game. This is the tough stuff and being able to work on your business with a trusted advisor can go along way to taking the chaos and mystery out of your creative career.

To allow you to be truly present during the consult and get the most out of it (instead of scrambling to make notes), the Skype call will be recorded and a copy sent to you following the session.

Time: 60-minutes
Meeting Environment: Skype Audio Call
Price (First Session): USD $300
Price (Additional Sessions): USD $275 per session – booked privately upon approval.