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The Business Action Planner Toolkit is a self-paced, hands-on resource that you can use to bring structure and focus to your business building efforts.

Business Planning doesn’t have to suck.

Created by consultants who specialize in managing and marketing creative freelance businesses, this toolkit takes a fresh look at how talented and emerging business owners can build momentum as they develop their business plans.

The toolkit is organized more organically than traditional business planning structures and it’s based on Taendem Agency’s real-world experience helping creative freelancers identify, address, and solve their management and marketing problems.

The Business Action Planner Toolkit is a non-prescriptive resource designed to decrease the chance of inertia and increase your entrepreneurial momentum.

The Business Action Planner is designed to be a perpetual work in progress; it’s for your business-building pleasure and it’s a digital workspace—thanks to the wonders of Evernote®.

View screenshots and more details in the Product Description area below.

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Product Description

The Business Action Planner Toolkit is a trilogy of awesomeness designed to help you rock your freelance business-building efforts. It includes the following files:

1. Guidebook

This massive 344-page eBook includes our insights and instructions on the eight (8) key elements of building a Business Action Plan. It is organized as both a workbook and an entertaining read, with each numbered section built in the following format to take you through the process:

  • Objective: a clarifying statement about what you could aim to achieve.
  • Insights: remarks and notes to help bring context to the subject.
  • Kick Start: questions and commentary to help spark preparation.
  • Business Action Planning: specific tasks for you to work on.
  • Interviews: candid and and insightful Q&As with industry pros.

The guidebook is available in PDF format (see an example of the layout below) and as an Evernote® notebook for your viewing pleasure.

2. Business Action Planner

This planning tool lives in the form of an Evernote® notebook (which is an .enex file); once it has successfully uploaded to your Evernote® account (instructions are provided in the Guidebook), you can start working on your very own plan. The eight (8) key elements correlate with the guidebook so you can stay in sync with what you’re reading about and what you’re working on.

Just like the Guidebook, each numbered section starts off with the objective and kick start questions followed by the planning elements, which are broken down into five (5) bite-sized components:

  • Action Item(s): a specific task, or a set of tasks that, if accomplished, will help you achieve your objective.
  • Deliverable(s): a placeholder area to write, edit, and add images or links.
  • Next Step(s): a specific follow-up action, or actions, for you to consider.
  • Success Indicator(s): a note about how you can evaluate your completed action item(s).

We have provided you with tangible action items, deliverables, next steps, and success indicators but these are simply suggestions—we want to help you get the ball rolling. Based on your business needs, you may feel it’s best to edit or even delete our notes. No problem . . . it’s your plan.

Evernote® is free to use and upgrading your subscription is not required (though we’re big fans of their premium service because it’s just too awesome).

3. Worksheets

These spreadsheet files (available in both Microsoft Excel and Mac Pages file formats) are thrown in as a bonus because we just couldn’t help ourselves. The worksheets are laser-focused tools meant to help you drill down into the nitty gritties and create your own strategies. The first two worksheets are:

  • Marketing Mix
  • Monthly Budget


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    Corwin Hiebert is my manager, and secret weapon. I believe that every freelance photographer needs a Corwin. But until now, you really couldn’t have one, at least not mine. Now you can.

  2. :

    I’m half way through the book… Some very good quotes to remember, questions to ask and checklist items to do.

  3. :

    I am just starting to get my head around all the advice and the spreadsheets but from what I have seen so far, these will be immensely helpful for me to start bringing some order into my business. Although I am aware of the necessity to be organised, I was missing a starting point, which the Business Planner package provides. Thanks for that!

  4. :

    I just heard about the Business Action Planner and instantly knew it was what I was looking for. As a photographer it is hard to focus sometimes because of the many options we have. It seemed I was always thinking I should try this or try that and never really getting focused on my business.

    I bought the Business Action Planner and started created my business plan right away. This is fantastic. I love how it works with Evernote so all your information available on all you platforms. I work on my plan on my iPad every morning and I am seeing how important it is to be focused and clear about the business you want and need to create.

    I highly recommend this to any photographer now matter how long you have been in business. We all need to stop and make sure we are going where we want to go and create a business to get us there so we can serve others in the best possible way.

    Thank you for creating such a great product.

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