April 14, 2015 Sarah-Wynne Taylor

Psych for Creatives

There are a bazillion highly talented, skillful freelancers that don’t market themselves properly because, well, marketing—sort of like business planning—can really, really suck. We have a lot of negative associations with it, and for good reason. When someone mentions ‘marketing’, we immediately think of telemarketers, TV commercials that play twice in one break, or the poor fellow at McDonald’s trying to super-size your fries. But along with that, we’ve imbibed this dreadful notion that selling ourselves short is a virtue.

The only one with responsibility for your business is you. Ups and downs, ins and outs, you have to own it—and that means knowing your marketing stuff as well as your craft. Psychology for Photographers is a brilliant blog that aims to help photographers and other creative professionals understand how to leverage science in the pursuit of their business goals. No, this is not about manipulating people into giving you money, nor does it provide band-aid solutions for bad business practices. Instead, the author teaches you about people and how they work so that you can better serve your clients and prospective customers. This is essential knowledge in a line of work where you have to do all your own pricing, advertising, negotiating and delivering.

The author, Jenika McDavitt, has seven years of psychology at Yale under her belt and she wields it with the grace and precision of a fencing master. Follow the blog, sign up for her free newsletter (this one is gold) and check out her shop for some kick-ass, on-point resources on writing and website design — indispensable tools that are often left out of a photographer’s camera bag.

And if nothing else, pop over there to pick up her free ebook: How Clients Make Decisions About Money. It’s a must-read for any creative freelancer and will answer questions you didn’t even think to ask.

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