December 18, 2014 Sarah-Wynne Taylor


We are very keen to establish meaningful relationships that transcend the scope of a project. It’s a cliché statement but one that is easier said then done. It is a studio-wide commitment that is best embodied by my partner Ross. He lives and breathes it whilst the rest of us merrily join in. Besides, it is more interesting to work with, and for our friends because the outcome of our work is that much more personal. We know that the work we are currently doing, for the people we are currently working with, will get us more of the same if our performance is notably strong and get this: if our clients actually like us.

Sean Carter is Director of Design at Carter Hales, designing and overseeing every aspect of client projects. A founding partner at Hangar 18 Creative Group, Sean helped grow the company into one of Canada’s largest independent graphic design and advertising firms. Sean has won over 140 design awards from every major North American design competition, including: The One Show, Communication Arts, Graphis, Luerzer’s Archive, Graphex, How and New York Festivals Advertising Awards; his work has also been published in numerous industry journals. He is a faculty member at Capilano University’s Design and Illustration program and sits on the Board of Directors of Vancouver’s Contemporary Art Gallery.

His work can be seen online at

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